Dental Crowns

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When are Dental Crowns Needed?

As you may already know, a dental crown is one of the most common restorations people need. The use of a dental crown can be the best option for extending the life of your tooth for years to come without having to remove it. Let’s take a look at a couple reasons why you might need a dental crown restoration from our cosmetic dentistry office serving the Chelsea, Manhattan, NY area.

A Large Filling

If your tooth has a cavity or fracture that involves half the width of your tooth or more, it will need to be covered with a crown. The remaining tooth around the large filling is so weak that it is more prone to fracture, which can cause a lot more harm than you want to experience. And sometimes a large filling has been in the mouth for so long that it needs to be replaced with a dental crown because the tooth displays signs of stress and cracks around the filling. With a dental crown, your tooth can gain the protection it needs to remain strong.

After a Root Canal

When root canal treatment is completed, it will leave you with a hollowed out tooth that can cause the remaining tooth to crack. To protect the tooth once the infection is removed after a root canal treatment, a dental crown is almost always needed to prevent fracturing.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

A tooth that has fractures inside it is referred to as cracked tooth syndrome and can cause pain when it is chewed on a certain way. By chewing on this tooth, it can produce stress on fracture lines that can make it feel like it is splitting apart. The use of a dental crown in this instance will help to hold the tooth together while redistributing the stress evenly throughout the tooth, eliminating the pain.